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Emotions of October

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2015, 12:02 AM

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In recent days I have not created much because they are involved in a project in music again, I hope to be able to hear something soon.
I want to tell this work of Lord-Crios(
The following is a selection of work that I have been particularly excited.25 by FrancescaDelfinoThe Sight by MrBlackCap

Among Us by raymundlee

Melissa Benoist Supergirl TV Series Alt. Suit by DevilishlyCreative
Cherry Lollipop by JVRenderer

Second Paint Eruption by RHADS

Xeemah by Mavrosh

WASP 2.0 Prototype by AlexanderLevett

The Sound of Her Wings by TheObliviousOwl

trip textile 4 by santosam81

Skullgrinder vs Mournfang by Grosnez

Take A Ride (prints available) by Lolita-Artz
Pale Alien by Mavrosh

Imp by BenjaminJamesArt
Red Slaps by x-pyre12

Moor Frog by Sergey-Ryzhkov

Neymio 1 by Yayashin

The Creeper WIP by uncannyknack

Kitana by PGandara
Asuka Langley by Artgerm

Who are the killers by ark4n

Last Planet by beyzayildirim77

Make good  dreams  sweet love by ratinrage
Rainbow Globe by Lilyas
The Dark Knight 2 by Hal-2012

Bond... family bond by lueap

Flocking Spheres by StarwaltDesign

Urban Cats - 72 by MARX77
Warm sunset by rougealizarine
Day of the Dead Loki Concept by PTimm

golem vs wizard by 0oki

Jack Skellington by jakesteel86
Catwoman p16 by RaffaeleMarinetti

Stigmata by Claparo-Sans

Poison Ivy by tiangtam

D.R.O.N.E.S.|Attack by MarkusVogt
Prehistoric Cat Fight by deskridge

Alien Creature by KENBARTHELMEY

The Maze Runner - Griever Concept Art by KENBARTHELMEY

A Helpful Friend by RawArt3d

Iray Flaeme Test (Harem Version) by SnowSultan
Beyond Megadawn by artist Tom kelly by TomKellyART

Lifeguard by beyzayildirim77
Mine by escume

octopus by Vasylina

Deadpool The Expansion Fan by expansion-fan-comics

1942 Liberty Files by raymundlee

Summer portrait by Thunderi

Any Way the Wind Blows by RGUS
Girl in the Water by IsabelleMaria

Return to the base

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 9:55 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Unfortunately, the holidays are over and I returned home. From tomorrow return to the work in the office. But as promised (threatened), I will fill you with photos and other things that I hope you enjoy them.
And last but not least, I could see that it has reached the 100,000 pageviews.
thank you all.

Close for holidays

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 13, 2015, 7:59 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

My friends, this year it is time of deserved summer holidays. For ten days I will not be available, because I leave for a relaxing trip.
On my return it is likely that you will be inundated with photos. :)
Greetings and good things to all of you.

Create a super hero costume.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 4:37 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Hi, this is a call for help and collaboration. I would like to make a suit to use as a costume for super heroes, and to use in Poser, with figures Victoria and Michael version 4. I read many things around the net, but I've still confused. First, the program to be used, Zbrush, Marvelous designer, Blender, or others? This is the first question to you, what do you advise me? After that I'll be able to figure out which program to use and I retrieved it, I will be here again to ask you further questions. All for now and thank you for the answers. Greetings.

L'anno che verra'

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 2, 2015, 1:59 PM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Cari amici vi scrivo,e così vi racconto   come è andato, per me, quest' anno passato nel mondo dell'arte. Questo, è stato un anno  molto importante, che ha portato sviluppi nuovi ed interessanti. Nel campo dell'arte 2d, i miei lavori hanno avuto un discreto successo qui su DA, ma è sopratutto al di fuori della rete, che i miei lavori hanno iniziato ad essere apprezzati. Da queste parti è stato difficile farmi accettare come artista, poichè, l'arte digitale non è compresa dalle persone. Spesso si avvicinano ai miei lavori credendo che io sia un artista tradizionale e che io usi la pittura. Quando gli spiego che il mio lavoro è fatto sul computer, allora gli interessi si raffreddano, come se questi lavori fossero meno autorevoli di quelli tradizionali. Tutto ciò, almeno, fino a qualche tempo fa. Ultimamente l'interesse per i miei lavori è aumentato, tanto da propormi di partecipare ad una mostra che si dovrebbe realizzare questa primavera. Inoltre, alcuni miei lavori mi sono stati richiesti per diventare una copertina di album musicale, altri, per essere usati quali illustrazioni in un libro, ed infine mi sono giunte richieste per utilizzare i miei lavori come immagini per siti web. Tutto ciò, io lo trovo molto positivo. Nel campo del 3d e delle textures di supereroi, l'anno che se ne andato mi ha portato altre soddisfazioni. Sopratutto, io ho avuto modo di affinare le mie tecniche in modo da offrire lavori migliori. Nella mia galleria su Heromorph, per diversi mesi alcuni miei lavori sono risultati fra i migliori del mese. Le mie texture, hanno avuto qui su DA positivi apprezzamenti, ed ho avuto molte richieste  per crearne di nuove. Questo è stato anche un anno denso di collaborazioni. Sono state tutte positive e mi hanno dato grosse soddisfazioni, perchè mi hanno posto sfide significative che hanno portato a migliorarmi, per questo voglio in particolare ringraziare tre persone. La prima è Viperthewyvern ( , che mi propone sfide ogni volta avvincenti per creare immagini sempre migliori nel genere fantasy, chiedendomi ogni volta di ammazzare Draghi in maniera più elaborata e complicata :) . Poi voglio ringraziare Lord-Crios, perchè ha creduto nel mio lavoro sulle textures di supereroi, tanto da proporle anche sul suo sito ( . Infine ringrazio, per avermi proposto la sfida più complicata ed avvincente, ovvero quella di realizzare le immagini in 3d di un suo fumetto.  Questa è stata la mia prima volta in questo campo e grazie al suo aiuto e stimolo, credo di aver realizzato un lavoro decente. P.S. il risultato lo potete vedere qui:… . Cosa dire infine? Io spero che l'anno che verrà possa portarmi altrettante sfide ed emozioni, io sono qua ed aspetto che voi me le proponiate. Un sincero saluto a tutti voi.

Dear friends I write to you, and so I'll tell you how it went, for me, this year 's past in the art world. This was a very important year, which led to new developments and interesting. In the field of art 2d, my works have had some success here on DA, but it is especially outside of the network, that my work began to be appreciated. Around here it was difficult to accept me as an artist, as, digital art is not understood by the people. Often approach my work believing that I am an artist and I use traditional painting. When I explain that my work is done on the computer, then the interests cool, as if these works were less influential than traditional ones. This, at least, until some time ago. Lately the interest in my work has increased, so as to offer me to participate in a show that you should realize this spring. Also, some of my work I have been requested to become an album cover music, other, to be used as illustrations in a book, and finally I received requests to use my work as images for websites. All of this, I find it very positive. In the field of 3D and textures of superheroes, the year he left brought me more satisfaction. Above all, I've got to refine my techniques in order to provide better jobs. In my gallery on Heromorph, for several months some of my works were among the best of the month. My texture, have had here on DA positive appreciations, and I have had many requests to create new ones. This was also a year full of collaborations. Were all positive and they gave me great satisfaction, because I have placed significant challenges that have led to improve myself, so I want to especially thank three people. The first is Viperthewyvern (, which offers me challenges every time to create compelling images always best in the fantasy genre, wondering every time to kill dragons in a more elaborate and complicated :). Then I want to thank Lord-Crios, because he believed in my work on the textures of superheroes, so much to offer them also on its website ( Finally thank, proposed to me the challenge more complicated and exciting, that of producing the images in 3d of his comics. This was my first time in this field, and with his help and encouragement, I think I made a decent job. P.S. the result you can see it here:…. What to say finally? I hope that the coming year will bring many challenges and emotions, I'm here and you expect me you propose. A sincere greeting to you all.

Happy Holidays

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 24, 2014, 6:54 AM

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I wish you all and your families all the best.

Whether in health, as in love, work and affections,

may be happy.

No more textures superhero on DA.

Journal Entry: Tue May 27, 2014, 1:59 PM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Today I received this note:
"We have moved 1 of your deviations from "Resources & Stock Images > Stock Images > 3D & Renders > Other" to "Scraps".

The administrator also said the following:
Upon review it has been determined this deviation was improperly placed.
In accordance with our policies it has been moved your Scrapbook area as this image may contain copyrighted material.
For more information please read the Stock and Resources Policy Clarification and FAQ FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?

If you feel that this action was made in error please contact deviantART customer service and file a "Policy Inquiry"…

The reason this may have happened can be read in FAQ: Why was my deviation moved?

Moved Deviation: Cap America new textures for M4 daz3d bodysuit

This is an automatically generated note and replies will be lost. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the help desk

Thank you."

Apparently, I am doing textures of superheroes, I'm violating the copyright law, although for now only on a picture.
Far be it from me to open any discussion on the subject, I take it, just note of the situation, and do not post anymore, textures superhero on DA. Who of you would possibly from my work, you can ask them to me with a note.
Thank you for your attention.

Dear friends, I thank you for the support you have given me. I am very impressed, you have helped me with your words to cheer me up by anxiety and anger that this note has caused me. I decided, therefore, to contact the help desk and to assert my reasons. I look forward to their response and I will act accordingly. Another thanks to all of you, I report what is written help desk:
"Hello, I received this note:
I must say in all honesty that I do not believe that you have violated any copyrights by creating textures of superheroes. I give all the credit to the mark in dententori desrcizione of my work. But the textures that I do not belong to them, but only to me. On the other hand my textures are not a copy of something created by the copyright holders, but are reinterpretations, which are the fruit of my wits. If on the other hand, you feel that I have violated any rule, you should not only remove that job, but all of my work on the textures of superheroes, but in this way you should delete all the work of those who create textures and superhero perhaps even all the works of those who also makes a drawing of a superhero whose trade mark is not himself the owner. Thank you."

How did it end.

Today, I think, has closed the question of alleged copyright infringement on my part.
Here below you will find the answer to my question about the DA and my rejoinder:

"y2jenn (deviantART) Jun 04 02:12 PM

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. I have sent your case up to the appropriate administrator for review.

Jenn Lee Support Desk Representative deviantART, Inc.

Moonbeam13 (deviantART) Jun 10 09:38 AM

Greetings, Copyrighted characters cannot be offered as stock because you do not have the permission to redistribute the character as you never held the copyright on the character in the first place.

Pieces like this belong in our Fan Art Galleries :) Thank you! Danie 

Thanks for the reply. I, however, am of the idea that you have not violated any copyright, I realized as a texture on a character, which is subject to copyright him. I am not selling any thing, but I offer a free texture, which is not even a copy of the original, but a mere inspiration to the character. In any case, I proceeded to move the texture in question in another gallery."

Needless to say, that I am not satisfied with the resolution of the problem. I always intend, when I can to have time to put all of my textures, on the other platform, and of course I will inform you in time. Now I have updated the disclamer textures and changed category. Greetings to all of you and again my thanks for the support they have given me.

Works in May

Journal Entry: Mon May 12, 2014, 5:19 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

it is time to update this journal.
Creature Design by KENBARTHELMEY

Wired Flesh: Drone Commander by TD-Vice

A Mother's Devotion by Machobubba

ad imaginem jo by lecristal
The Blood Countess by fantasio

Schmetterling by ConnysWORLD

Aranya by Chillexum

Shamash Ninja - regular version by VladMRK

Rapture by RGUS

Magic Birds III by FrodoK

Robin commission by cheeks-74

Thumbsucker by Lilyas

I Am A Robot by Mishelangello

Baby Grey by Fede2090

ScArlEt WitcH by mrkillabee

Wally West by schwarzeeis

Marimo by Mavrosh

The Monster Bear by deskridge

Lara Croft by DanielMurrayART

chair in sullivan's pond by MiritCaspi
Big Problem. REALLY BIG problem. by CountANDRA

flamingos talk after the rain. by M0THart

MB14  3D Abstract ... 21 by Xantipa2

Me Synths by x-pyre12

Cloning by fsmcdesigns

AOB and many beautiful pictures

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 4:01 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Dear followers, today I would like to tell you a freebies website, where you will find only freebies, nothing else That freebies for Poser and Daz Studio. Among the many excellent freebies trovere also some of my work, but I assure you that the other freebies are really good. The site is called extend3d and the link is this The webmaster of the site is Lord-Crios.
On another topic, I will say that for a few days I will be absent from
these pages, I will have only the option of hits very fast, and
do not post works, because I will be traveling.
So I want to leave you with these beautiful images. See you.
Emerging Passion... by StelfySkya

The area is secured ... by ThierryCravatte

There is still some hope ... by ThierryCravatte

Iron Bat by Bosslogix
Bettie Page F by EdgarSandoval

The February Sphere by chrisntheboat

ps167 by Campo-Diaz

Magneto by DanielMurrayART

AsianPearl by Kooki99

Superman Water colour by zosco

Shai Hulud by Daniel-Abreu

Iron Age by piofoks
Rey de Atlantis: animated by AnubisDHL

Slenderman by Magolobo
T-s02 by shichigoro756


Distraction by SheerHeart

Speedster Siblings by mr-redx

Feline by Mavrosh

Cool something by strange-art-gallery

Superheroes textures and features

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 11:31 PM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

<span class="">I wanted to launch a survey and find out if you are interested in other superheroes textures for M4 and possibly what superheroes would like the textures?
</span><span class="">In the meantime<span class="">, enjoy</span> these wonderful works selected by me.

One Sick Puppy by RGUS

I'm NUTS over you...:) by Nipntuck3

When all that Matters, is You by RGUS
Meet Stinky. He is Trashed. by tonypapesh

Cyclops Marvel Now by Graymalkin2112

Alien Invasion by tatasz

Evil Walks Among Us 1 cover by cwmodelsIMG 8702m by DanielMyszkowski

BOOM! by Idriu95

Kurokun-02 by shichigoro756

La Douleur by coby01
Centurion1 by mestophales

Smile by hayleyonfire

Costa Rica - Red Eyed by lux69aeterna

Feel the noise by deniznaz

Sushi 1 by DianaGrigore

Captain America - The Winter Soldier by zosco

Jumping Spider (Hyllus sp.) by melvynyeo
cosmik art by santosam81

Back To Front by Life-takers-crayons

Watching Autumn by AnnMarieBone
Let It Shine by DanStefan

Life is Precious by Love-Artists

Proud Fallen Angel Alukiel - reg by DavidGaillet

Paradise Warrior by Mavrosh




Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 8:42 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Stumble my turn to these two sites cheating , # and…
 without any permission that publishes the works of many artists who are on deviantart , including myself , all without asking permission .
Unfortunately lately this fraudulent behavior is more and more often , and the only weapon we have to defend ourselves , as well as word of mouth to inform the theft is to make reports to the operators of the sites.
Because of this I'm seriously thinking to stop publishing my work . I do not make art to make money, mine is a hobby , it's a passion . I have often given my work to anyone who asked them , but I do not tolerate those who take advantage of my work without having made any request or worse trying to earn them about my work . In the coming days will decide , whether to publish the work with watermark , which I do not like , or to publish the proceedings with a poor quality, and even this option I like, or go to the extreme act of closing my profile on deviantart and no longer publish my works.
For more information on these two sites and the actions to be taken against them , I refer you to the journal of…
  Greetings to all of you.

New second skin textures for M4

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 8:31 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

I'm working on new models of texture for M4, with some devices that can also be used with M5. The new work will be mainly in reference to the Marvel world, and apart from yet another texture to Cap America, I am dedicated to the villains of the Marvel Universe, in particular publish texture Protoci, Crossbones, Jester, Blizzard and others. I hope you will like this work and be useful. See you.

Tribute to Jenny Stokes

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 24, 2013, 10:12 AM

:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::icondigital-artists::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders: :iconartistsforever::iconspecial-groups::iconfuture-visionaries::icondigitalabstractcraze::iconcomicheroeswatch:

The winner of the contest: Guess the place is Jenny Stokes
and as a reward I dedicate this my journal in its work.
When I think of the work of this artist, I think especially the trip and the trip there are pictures that tell stories and stories there is life. But this multi-faceted artist, is not limited only to the photographs in his gallery you will find other beautiful works of digital art, photomanipulation, textures and more. But it is time for me to shut up and talk face images, you are ready to excite you?

Me, Jenny by jennystokes
Village beauty. SL by jennystokes

Indian statue by jennystokes

Windows and birds by jennystokes

A friend for Selina by jennystokes
A lot of flamingo's by jennystokes

Old Fisherman. India. by jennystokes

Coconuts for sale.  SL by jennystokes

Trees and wood series. 5 by jennystokes

Seagulls 1 by jennystokes
Long Hair by jennystokes

Swan by jennystokes

Rust and sand by jennystokes

Happy Birthday dear May. by jennystokes

FPC2 by jennystokes

Maldive Islands by jennystokes

Yala Beach 4. Sri Lanka by jennystokes

Portrait. Beaucaire. Summer Festival by jennystokes

Flying fish by jennystokes

Birds 2. Sri Lanka by jennystokes

NC2 by jennystokes

Shapes again......... by jennystokes

Father and daughter. SL by jennystokes

We know by jennystokes

Metallic concept. by jennystokes

Vase of flowers by jennystokes

Shape 222 by jennystokes

Sri Lankan animals 7 by jennystokes

Rabbit by jennystokes

Pity by jennystokes

Dancers from Swaziland in Beaucaire. France by jennystokes

Venice 1  Italy. 2012 by jennystokes

Competition Guess the place

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2013, 3:44 PM
:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconitaliani: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders::iconthemecavernresources::icontimmythereaper::iconthepowerofart::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Dear friends and followers, the holiday has ended and I returned home. Because this, though short trip, I enjoyed it, I would like to entertain you, too, proposing a game that long ago I had done and had some success.
In this Journal I post a picture from my own journey, you have to guess the exact location. The winner, as a reward, I will devote my Journal to publicize his works. Good luck to all.


Cari amici e followers, la vacanza è terminata ed ho fatto ritorno a casa. Siccome in questo, pur breve viaggio, mi sono divertito, io vorrei far divertire anche voi, proponendo un gioco che tempo fa avevo fatto ed aveva riscosso un certo successo.
In questo Journal io posto una foto relativo al mio viaggio, voi dovete indovinare la località esatta. Al vincitore, come premio, dedicherò un mio Journal per pubblicizzare le sue opere. Buon divertimento a tutti.

Immagine misteriosa by hiram67

Finally the holidays.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 1:59 PM
:iconden-of-the-troll: :iconposeraddicts: :iconbear-club: :iconab-stra-ct-ism: :icondigitalartistsunite: :iconoscustomize: :iconda-premium: :iconitaliani: :iconskullzfreaksartists::icondigital-art-fantasy::iconposer-3d-artist::iconposeraddicts3d::icondeviantsgallery::iconsuperherorenders::iconthemecavernresources::icontimmythereaper::iconthepowerofart::iconcomicheroeswatch:

Dear friends and followers, this year for me it was time to go on vacation. For about 10 days, I will be traveling for pleasure, we meet again in this place as soon as possible, in the meantime, I leave you some pictures to enjoy, greetings.
Misty Mountains by Ninjatic
Meow by dulce-de-leche-cream<da:thumb id="392795894"/>What the Tree painted for the Sphere by chrisntheboat
Surprise Gift by Love-ArtistsDarker magic by Fiery-Fire

Mature Content

Hello Kitty by MarinaCoric

Mature Content

Night Owl by Laticis

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Poser Superheroes character

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 8:08 AM
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For all lovers of superhero characters in Poser, I point out these beautiful new models created by Joequick for V4 and M4. The links to download are…

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For this comparison I used a PC configured as follows:
Motherboard: MSI Z77 g80
Ram: 32gb
Hd: 256gb SSD 840 pro, + Seagate 1 tb, and ramdisk from 6gb of which are temporary files Poser
Video Card: MSI GTX 660 TI 3gb
S.O. Windows 7 x64
Software Used: Poser Pro 2012, Relaity 3.0 and LuxRender, and Octane Octane plugin for Poser.
The model used is Daz3d Michael 4 with a texture skinsuit, created by me, cloak and boots of Goldenage suit of Joequick, lights, basic Poser Pro 2012.
For the render I tried to use the three rendering engines, the most high.
For Poser I used these values:  Poser Pro 2012 render settings by hiram67…
For Octane plugin I used: environment = daylight, kernel = pmc, gamma 1.2, autofocus, alphashadows, alphachannel and keep_environment = enabled
Reality for 3.0 I used alphachannel enabled, use Lux GPU acceleration = enabled,
Scene configuration = Photo map, with the default values
The duration of the render was:
Poser Pro = 45 min
Octane = 47 min
Reality 3.0 = 1 h
The results you can see them in this picture:  Comparison of engines to render Poser 2012 by hiram67…
My considerations are, for this first test with a simple model, I think Octane and Reality 3.0 is higher than the engine especially with firefly lights and texture of the skin, between the two honestly do not know what I seem to prefer both excellent. The choice of the winner would do based on price as offered in Reality 3.0 is approximately 30 euros and LuxRender is free, while Octane render with plugi for Poser is over 200 euro.
Firefly, he loses the big confrontation, his render is artificial and plastic.
Now I'm waiting your opinions and considerations, including the settings for the render.
Thank you for your attention.
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Non so ancora per quale dannato motivo, mi si sono bruciate la scheda madre e le schede video del computer. La nuova scheda madre  che ho preso è arrivata difettosa.  Ora sono in attesa della sostituzione della scheda madre e dell'acquisto di una nuova scheda video. Una brutta botta per le mie finanze. Al momento non so quando potrò fare dei nuovi lavori, forse qualcosa con photoshop usando il notebook, sicuramente sono bloccati tutti i lavori in 3d. Ma adesso godetevi un po di lavori eccezionali di questi artisti.

Luck is blind, but bad luck sees us well.
I do not know for what damn reason, I have burned the motherboard and video card of the computer. The new motherboard I got has arrived defective. Now I'm waiting for the replacement of the motherboard and buying a new video card. A nasty blow to my finances. At the moment I do not know when I can make new works, maybe something with photoshop using the notebook, surely are locked all the work in 3D. But now enjoy some exceptional works of these artists.

The Death Of Wonder Woman ( Comics ) by RobertDanielRyan Safest Edge by Love-Artists The Sinister Blade 2 by PGandara Venus by Zhrayde Cammy White by dcwj I'm Not A Model by Life-takers-crayons :thumb359770685: Survivor is born by UglyDucklingCustoms Goblin shark/light adjustment by Vukaddin Chaos explorer by malverro Rei by darkhalo golden... by iytj Unleashed 0 exclusive Phoenix Comic 2013 by jamietyndall March of War Engineer by daRoz A Second Home for Humankind by ValentiniaK GIJOE Baroness v2 by jamietyndall Enhancing the boat by daRoz Play with me by Rafido you just been MOONED, happy March by Nipntuck3 NICE MEETING YOU by whornung

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